The following Sci-Fi customised car number plates - with some fantasy ones tossed in - have been spotted on cars by various people (usually me) at one time or another, regardless of whether the Sci-Fi connection was intentional or not, eg: VULCAN which can either refer to the planet where Spock was born or the company who manufactures large gas heaters for homes. They are all listed here alphabetically along with their Sci-Fi references.
This page focuses mainly on Victoria issued plates for which only six digits are permitted, whereas some states like Western Australia can have nine. It's also worth noting different states are represented by different colours purely for easy reference and may not be the same colour/style as the actual plates themselves. I've also avoided listing international plates otherwise I'll end up with a thousand Jedi and Trekker varieties.
Important note: Plates which use numbers to substitute letters are not accepted eg: S1TH or J3DI.

As far as I'm concerned, a "4" will always be a "4" and will not be read as an "A". To highlight this further, General KAEL from the film Willow would appear as K43L which I refuse to accept. As it turns out the KAEL plate actually exists (it's listed below) so someone out there is listening to me

Last updated: August 2023


77 JEDI: It's likely the 77 refers to 1977 the year the film was released. Note this was seen on a green number plate which probably relates to Luke's lightsabre colour even though that didn't appear until Return of the Jedi - Star Wars
1701 E: NCC 1701 E, The Enterprise E's rego number as featured in the Star Trek films from First Contact to Nemesis - Star Trek Platepic
ALIEN: Pretty obvious I think. Funnily enough the aliens in Alien are actually referred to as 'Xenomorphs', but I that's pretty hard to put on a number plate LOL
ALLEN 1: Allen Bradley's call sign from within the computer. Now Allen should be spelt 'Alan' but hey I thought it was cool just knowing what the reference was ... spelling mistake notwithstanding - Tron
ANAKIN: Anakin Skywalker. Although if you're a bit of old fashioned purest you could also refer to Annikin Starkiller (note the different spelling) as he appeared in the early drafts of The Star Wars screenplay. Eventually Annikin morphed into Luke for the film while Anakin became his dad, yep that's one for the nerds - Star Wars
ANI 09: Anakin Skywalker in his kiddie years was often called 'Ani', and believe it or not in the film he was nine years old (yep this is for the nerds) - Star Wars The Phantom Menace
ARGOS: The name of a city - Jason and the Argonauts & Clash of the Titans
ARTOO: Artoo Detoo. If you're wondering what Artoo Detoo (R2-D2) really means, well his name was inspired from a term used during the production of THX 1138 and actually stands for 'Reel 2 Dialogue 2' ... NERD!!! - Star Wars
ARTWO: Artoo Detoo. As highlighted in the previous entry R2-D2 actually stands for 'Reel 2 Dialogue 2, however, it's still a mystery as to why it was written in long form. Still, he's a fantastic character and that's the main thing - Star Wars Platepic
ARWEN: Arwen-Undomiel, an elven woman who falls for Aragorn whom she eventually marries. Funnily enough I saw this number plate in the carpark of where I used to work - The Lord of the Rings
AVON 1: Kerr Avon, the guy who made futuristic black leather and studs look fashionable - Blake's 7
BAJEDI: "Be a Jedi Knight" - Star Wars
BATTY: Roy Batty, who's seen things you wouldn't believe - Blade Runner
BB8: The little droid whose always in a good mood, 'cause he's having ... a ball! - Star Wars *** NEW ***
BEMEUP: "Beam me up" - Star Trek
BESKAR: The special metal used to make the armour for one of the coolest dude's in the biz - The Mandalorian
BFETT: Boba Fett - Star Wars Platepic
BIGGS: Biggs Darklighter, Luke's best buddy until he's blown to the shizenhausen in his X Wing- Star Wars
BILBO 1: Bilbo Baggins - The Lord of the Rings
BINKS: Jar Jar Binks <cough> nuff said - Star Wars
BLADE 2: The sequel to Blade - Blade Platepic1, Platepic2
BMEYUP: "Beam me up" - Star Trek
BOBA: The ultra cool bounty hunter everyone loves. Once destined for a short appearance in two of the original movies, now he's back from the dead on the small screen and he's even got his own show! - Star Wars
BTLSTR: Battlestar - Battlestar Galactica Platepic
BUFFY: Buffy Summers, she'd be the only person in the world when the waiter at the restaurant asks "would you like a stake?" she'd say "no thanks I brought my own" - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
BUFFY 8: Buffy Summers - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
BUMBLB: Bumblebee, he's more than meets the eye (this was even seen on a yellow car) - Transformers
C3PO: See Threepio - Star Wars Platepic
CAESAR: Although Caesar the chimpanze appears in two different film series, I've gone for the original reference where he rebelled against humans then later created a new human/ape society - Conquest/Battle for the Planet of the Apes
CHANI 4: Chani Kynes, the fremen woman who becomes Paul's better half - Dune
CHANI 5: Chani Kynes, the fremen woman who becomes Paul's better half - Dune
CHAPEL: Nurse Christine Chapel who had a thing for Spock - Star Trek
CHARMED: Witch TV series is that? - Charmed
CHEWIE: Chewbacca's nickname - Star Wars
CIIIPO: See Threepio ("III" in Romulan numerals is read as "3") - Star Wars
CRUSHR: Beverly/Wesley Crusher - Star Trek: The Next Generation
CYBORG: There are number of references I can use for this including the film Cyborg itself, however, my personal choice is Robocop purely for the line "he's a cyborg you idiot!" - Robocop Platepic
DALEK: Quite possibly the most famous bad guys in any sci-fi TV series ever created, but remember they were ONLY meant to be travelling machines for the Kaled mutants - Dr Who
DARTH: Now this could reference any number of Sith Lords (Sidious, Maul, Vader, Tyrannus, Plagueis, etc) as all their names preceded with 'Darth' - Star Wars Platepic
DARTHK: This can be read as either Darth Kruhl or Darth Karnage, but let's go with Darth Krayt who was a Jedi Master from Tatooine who jumped ship to the Dark Side and ended up forming One Sith which superseded the famous "rule of two". He obviously did well for himself as he ended up being the Emperor of the Galaxy for a time a number of years after Palpatine's reign. This all comes from the expanded universe which was wiped from existence in 2012 (becoming Legends) so it doesn't count - Star Wars
DARTHS: Can be read as the plural of Darth (ie the Sith) or Darth Sidious - Star Wars
DEJAQ: Deja Q was the title of an episode of the series which featured the reappearance of the Q character, and yes this plate was created because of that episode - Star Trek: The Next Generation
DESILU: The production company who made the original series in the 60s - Star Trek
DSTAR: Death Star - Star Wars Platepic
DTHVDR: Darth Vader - Star Wars
DVADER: Darth Vader - Star Wars
EXAR: Exar Kun, a Jedi student from the Expanded Star Wars Universe - Star Wars
EZRA: Ezra Bridger, the really annoying Force sensitive kid who always seems to get out of any bad situation - Star Wars: Rebels
EZRI: Ezri Dax, who replaced Jadzia in the last season of the show - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
FABI: FAB 1 is the rego plate of Lady Penelope's pink Rolls Royce ("I" in Roman numerals is read as "1") - The Thunderbirds
FIRST: The First Evil - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
FRACK: No this is NOT related to underground searching for gas deposits. Instead it's a swear word used as a substitute for that other, more famous, "F" word. Fortunately Frack was suitable for use on TV even though everyone knew what the context was. The spelling featured here is from the 70s version of the show (from the 1978 writer's guide) whereas the 2000's version is spelt without the "C" - Battlestar Galactica Platepic
FRODO 1: Frodo Baggins, when someone said "I'll give you a ring" they weren't talking about a phone call - The Lord of the Rings
GDZLLA: The king of the monsters - Godzilla
GIZMO: The name given to the cute little Mogwai that everyone loved ... until he had offspring - Gremlins
GOBLN: Green Goblin, this was actually featured on a green car - Spider-Man
GRIMA: Grima Wormtongue, with a name like that you just knew he was going to be shifty - Lord of the Rings
GROOT 1: You could say he started off as a tree trunk, before ... branching out! LOL. Or you could say he is a fan of geneology 'cause he just wanted to ... discover his roots! LOL Those jokes just never get old.- Guardians of the Galaxy Platepic *** NEW ***
GUINAN: The 10 Forward bartender who has the galaxy's greatest hat collection. Honestly when I saw this I couldn't help but yell WHOOPIE! - Star Trek: The Next Generation
GZILLA: The king of the monsters - Godzilla
HALLA: A force sensitive lady from Mimban who only appeared in one Star Wars novel - Splinter of the Mind's Eye
HALO: A planet built by the Forerunners to fight the Flood as featured in the hugely successful Xbox game - Halo
HAM: Ham Tyler "master of covert operations, communications and bad relations" one of the cooler dudes from the show - V: The Final Battle
HEL: A woman Rotwang loved so much he attempted to artificially recreate her in the form of the robot Maria - Metropolis
HIRO: Hiro Nakamura, you know he's holding out to become one - Heroes
HOME 1: Call sign for Admiral Ackbar's frigate at the Battle of Endor - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
HSOLO: Han Solo - Star Wars
HULUD: All you need is a car to park to the left of this one with the number plate SHAI and you'll have the Fremen name for the worms of Arrakis, Shai-Hulud. How nerdy is that! - Dune
IRNMAN: Ironman, suddenly I feel like a cheese burger - Ironman
IX: A planet known for the manufacture of non thinking machines - Dune
JABBA 1: Jabba The Hutt, he's a mean, green, eatin' machine - Star Wars
JAWA 1: The little desert scavengers with the groovy glowing eyes and cute voices - Star Wars
JEDI: Jedi Knight - Star Wars
JEDI 01: Jedi Knight - Star Wars Platepic
JEDI 01: Jedi Knight - Star Wars Platepic
JEDI 02: Jedi Knight - Star Wars
JEDI 4: Jedi Knight - Star Wars
JEDI 66: Of all the Jedi Knight plate variations this one probably has most significance because of Order 66 - Star Wars
JEDI 77: Another Jedi Knight plate that has a level of symbolism as Star Wars was released in 1977 - Star Wars
JEDI 82: Jedi Knight - Star Wars
JEDI 88: Jedi Knight - Star Wars
JEDI 89: Jedi Knight - Star Wars
JEDI 97: The relevance of this Jedi Knight plate is the Special Edition of the film was released in 1997 - Star Wars
JEDIM 3: Jedi Knight as seen on a BMW M3 - Star Wars
JEDIS: Jedi Knights - Star Wars
JEMHDR: Jem'Hadar, the nasty pasty soldiers of the Founders who, aside from never sitting down, enjoy a bit of the ol' white milk (yeah we know it's called Ketrasel) being pumped into their heads! - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
JINN: Qui-Gon Jinn the Jedi Master who learned pretty quickly that a lightsabre going through ya guts is gonna leave a mark - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
JONES: The elusive ginger cat who meets an alien and lives to meow about the tale (or should that be tail). Also known as Jonsey - Alien
JYN: Jyn Erso the tough, cool heroine who carks it at the end in spectacular fashion - Star Wars: Rogue One
K9: Everyone's favourite mechanical woofer! - Dr Who Platepic
KAEL: General Kael who has by far the best looking skull helmet you'll see anywhere, which BTW the owner of this site has worn for real and has photos to prove it! - Willow
KATRA 1: The Vulcan "spirit/soul", mainly discussed in the third film - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
KITT: Knight Industries Two Thousand, Michael Knight's talking Trans Am - Knight Rider
KRYCEK: A gooddee turned baddee who got his comeuppance in the end - The X Files
LADYE: Lady E is the name used by fans to refer to the Starship Enterprise, now ya gotta be a real nerd to spot that one so what does that tell you about me! - Star Trek
LEADER: The dude in charge of the entire Visitor/Sirian race - V
LEIA 1: Princess Leia. Interestingly there's been an ongoing issue as the pronunciation of her name on screen. Both Tarkin and See Threepio (who's a protocol droid so he shouldn't get this wrong) say "lee-ya", while Leia herself, Han and Luke all say "Lay-ya" - Star Wars Platepic
LOTR: Lord of the Rings
LUMPY 2: Lumpy, Chewbacca's kid (yes he does have one) - Star Wars: The Holiday Special
MANDO: Up until 2019 this plate wouldn't have meant a great deal to people on the street, but now it refers to Din Djarin the super cool dude in the super cool shiny beskar armour who's just ... well, super cool - The Mandalorian
MATRIX: According to the film, we're in it right now - The Matrix
MELINA: Melina, for a good time be sure to give her a call as Arnie did - Total Recall
MELMAC: Alf's home planet - Alf
MJEDI: Intended to be read as Master Jedi - Star Wars
MOGWAI: The little fluffy dude who doesn't like bright light - Gremlins
MTFBWY: "May the Force be with you" slogan - Star Wars
MUNDI 1: Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Jedi Master who really copped the rough end of Order 66 on Mygeeto - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
NC 1701: USS Enterprise rego number (note: should be NCC) - Star Trek
NCC: Used in starship registration numbers (eg: NCC 1701). Interestingly what NCC actually stands for is never mentioned onscreen. Some believe it stands for Naval Construction Contract (which was used in a Trek novel), another option is Naval Construction Code Number though the likely winner is Naval Contact Code which was seen on the blueprints for a studio model when the original series was being made - Star Trek
NCC 1701D: USS Enterprise D's Rego number - Star Trek: The Next Generation
NEO 84: Neo, Thomas Anderson's computer hacking alter ego - The Matrix
NOVA 9: Nova, the mute girl who hitches a ride on a horse with Charlton Heston - Planet of the Apes
NTRPSE: USS Enterprise - Star Trek
NXO 1: First generation USS Enterprise rego number, reads as NX 01 - Star Trek: Enterprise
NXTGEN: Star Trek: The Next Generation
OBI 1: Ben "Obi Wan" Kenobi - Star Wars
OBI WAN: Ben "Obi Wan" Kenobi - Star Wars Platepic
OBJECT: A term used to describe an item from hotel room #10 that is located in another dimension - The Lost Room
OLGICA: Vulcan word for "logic" as translated from The Motion Picture (yeah I know it's nerdy) - Star Trek
ORAC: A computer - Blake's 7
ORDR 66: Order 66, the command given by Emperor Palpatine to the Clone Army to exterminate the Jedi Knights - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
ORION: Pan Am's shuttle used to ferry people to the orbiting space station - 2001: A Space Odyssey
PADD: Personal Access Display Device, kinda like an advanced PDA for starship crew members - Star Trek: The Next Generation
PHASE II: The 1970s TV show intended as a sequel to the original Star Trek series but was never made (it became The Motion Picture instead) - Star Trek Platepic
PING: Professor Ping - Barbarella
PPG: A hand held firearm - Babylon 5
PPG 1: A hand held firearm - Babylon 5
QUARK: There are two references for this. One is the 1970s Sci-Fi comedy show Quark (pronounced 'quork'), while the other is the famous Ferengi who owned the only cool place in the quadrant, his bar - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
RAM 1: Ram is the character who escapes with Tron and Flynn from the gaming grid until he suffers his own version of the blue screen of death - Tron
REBOOT: Futuristic CG television show from the 90s - Reboot
RED 06: Jek Porkins' X-Wing Fighter call sign - Star Wars
RENDAR: Ahhhh yes, Dash Rendar, the "fill in" Han Solo you have when Han himself is busy being trapped in carbonite - Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
RONTO 2: A dinosaur like creature seen in Mos Eisley on Tatooine - Star Wars: The Special Edition
ROUGE 5: Wes Janson's snowspeeder call sign when flying alone, though in the film he's Wedge's gunner whose call sign is Rogue 6. Note, incorrect spelling, should actually be ROGUE - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
RTWOD2: R2-D2 - Star Wars
SAURON: Sauron, ring maker extraordinaire - Lord of the Rings
SCIFI: Abbreviation for Science Fiction. This is actually the plate I wanted for my car but someone beat me to it. Not happy!
SINGH 9: Khan Noonian Singh, feel free to pick whichever reference works for you - Star Trek (episode: Space Seed), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek: Into Darkness
SITH: Dark "Jedi" religion - Star Wars Platepic
SITH: Dark "Jedi" religion - Star Wars Platepic1, Platepic2
SITH: Dark "Jedi" religion - Star Wars Platepic1
SITH 0: Dark "Jedi" religion - Star Wars
SITH 1: Dark "Jedi" religion - Star Wars Platepic
SITH 2: As Yoda once said "always two there are, no more, no less." - Star Wars Platepic
SITH 02: As Yoda once said "always two there are, no more, no less." - Star Wars Platepic
SITHLD: Meant to be read as "Sith Lord" - Star Wars
SITH LORD: Dark "Jedi" religion - Star Wars Platepic1, Platepic2
SG 1: Stargate SG 1
SLAVE 1: Boba Fett’s ship - Star Wars
SLAVE 1: Boba Fett’s ship - Star Wars
SLAYA: Slayer (sure it's different spelling but the meaning is still there) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
SLICER: A term used to describe a computer hacker - Star Wars
SMEG: Slang word/obscenity - Red Dwarf
SMEG 00: Slang word/obscenity - Red Dwarf
SMEGUL: The little dude who was quite a decent fella ... until he found THAT ring. Should be spelt Smeagol - Lord of the Rings
SOLO 1: Han Solo. This plate is actually very clever as the word solo literally means '1' and the car only had one person in it, and no I don't know if it could make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (once you've rounded down) - Star Wars Platepic
SSHMI: Shmi Skywalker, Anakin's mother - Star Wars
SPAWN: Al Simmons' alter ego whose back from hell and is not happy - Spawn Platepic
SPOCK: Mr Spock - Star Trek
SPOCK 1: Mr Spock - Star Trek
SPOCK 2: Mr Spock - Star Trek
STARBUCK: Depending on which version you prefer, this could reference either a guy or a girl. Either way both of them smoke cigars - Battlestar Galactica
STAWRS: Star Wars Platepic
STAWRZ: What do you do when the second 's' is taken (ie the plate above this one)? Go for a 'Z' instead - Star Wars
STRWRS: Star Wars
TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimensions In Space AKA the Doctor’s time travelling phone booth - Dr Who Platepic
TASHA 1: Tasha Yar, who was a popular character until she was bumped off at the end of the first season - Star Trek: The Next Generation
TAYLOR: Charlton Heston's character damning them all to hell - Planet of the Apes
TCHALA: The boss of Wakanda, note should be spelt T'Challa - Black Panther *** NEW ***
THHULK: This was even spotted on a green car - The Incredible Hulk
THMPER: A rythmic pounding device used to attract sandworms - Dune
THX: George Lucas' first film and is now the pinnacle of theatre sound systems - THX 1138
TK 421: Call sign for a particular Stormtrooper on the Death Star "TK 421 why aren't you at your post?" Ironically this one line inspired the naming convention for the entire 501st legion of Star Wars costuming fans (all of their Stormtroopers are called TK something or other) - Star Wars
TMA 1: Tycho Magnetic Anomally (ie: the monolith) insert your own "eee eee ee" music here - 2001: A Space Odyssey
TOECUTA: Toecutter, the mean dude in the mean car - Mad Max Platepic
TRCHWD: Torchwood, the Dr Who spinoff series - Dr. Who
TREKKA: A term used to describe a Star Trek fan. In fact there's been a never ending debate over whether "Trekker" or "Trekkie" is the correct term, though according to Gene Roddenberry it's Trekkie which irks the purists no end as they prefer Trekker - Star Trek
TREKIE: A term used to describe a Star Trek fan. In fact there's been a never ending debate over whether "Trekker" or "Trekkie" is the correct term, though according to Gene Roddenberry it's Trekkie which irks the purists no end as they prefer Trekker - Star Trek
TREKKY: A term used to describe a Star Trek fan. In fact there's been a never ending debate over whether "Trekker" or "Trekkie" is the correct term, though according to Gene Roddenberry it's Trekkie which irks the purists no end as they prefer Trekker - Star Trek
TYPE 40: The designation of the TARDIS, ie: it's a Type 40 travel machine - Dr Who
VADAR: Darth Vader (note incorrect spelling) - Star Wars
VADAR 1: Darth Vader (note incorrect spelling) - Star Wars
VADER: Darth Vader - Star Wars
VADER 0: Darth Vader - Star Wars
VADER 1: Darth Vader - Star Wars Platepic
VADER 3: Darth Vader - Star Wars
VALEN: Founder of the Grey Council and spiritual leader of the Minbari, who's actually ... WARNING out-of-date spoiler alert! ... Jeffrey Sinclair! - Babylon 5
VAMPRE: Vampire Platepic
VAMPYR: Traditional spelling for Vampire
VESPA: Princess Vespa - Spaceballs
VMPIRE: Vampire
VMPYRE: Vampire
VORLON: One of the two "old races" that no one really understood even though they had great looking environmental suits - Babylon 5 Platepic
VOYAGR: The USS Voyager which got lost way out in nah nah land - Star Trek: Voyager
VULCAN: Mr Spock's home planet - Star Trek
WALD: The little Rodian kid who was friends with Kitster and young Anakin - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
WAMPA: The Yeti looking monster who lives on Hoth, oh and don't worry about his ferocious growl cause he's mostly ... armless - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
WATTO 3: Don't bother with the Jedi mind tricks 'cause he's a Toydarian - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace/Attack of the Clones
WATTO 4: I love this guy purely for the line "ahhh Jedi hey, whatdaya know!" Watto - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace/Attack of the Clones
WARP 2: Unit of speed for starships - Star Trek Platepic
WARP 10: Unit of speed for starships which is actually considered unachievable in the Trek universe 'cause if you do aim for that speed weird stuff starts to happen and transwarp drive is then needed ... NERD!- Star Trek
WHOK 9: Dr Who (Tom Baker version) and K-9 his mechanical dog. This plate featured on a motorcycle which had a complete custom Dr Who paint job including the rider's helmet - Dr Who
WIZARD: Can be used in a number of places but in keeping with the sci-fi theme of this page I prefer Avatar and Blackwolf - Wizards
WOLFI 1: Subsitute name for John Connor's dog (actual name was Max) - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
WOOOSH: Yelled aloud by fans at the old Star Trek original series marathon screenings whenever the Enterprise flashed past in the opening credit sequence (yep it's another nerdy one) - Star Trek
WORMY: Alternate spelling of Luke Skywalker's nickname from the Star Wars novelisation - Star Wars
WORMIE: Luke Skywalker's nickname from the Star Wars novelisation - Star Wars
WRAITH: The ghost of a dead guy driving around in a fancy car - The Wraith
XFILE 1: The X Files
XFILES: The X Files
XFILESX: The X Files
XWING 1: A one person 'snub' fighter used by the Rebel Alliance, made famous by the X shaped wings (actually called S foils). Conceivably X-Wing 1 could be classed as Red Leader - Star Wars *** NEW ***
XWING 5: In A New Hope Red 5 was piloted by Luke Skywalker which makes this plate rather cool, however, prior to this it was flown by another dude who was blown to the shizenhausen over Scarif in Rogue 1, so it's kinda cursed at the same time - Star Wars
YODA 01: Everyone's favourite little green dude ... errr hang on that's Kermit. Ahhh this is the OTHER famous little green dude - Star Wars
YT 1300: This is the model number of the Millennium Falcon - Star Wars
ZANADU: "A place where nobody dared to go" (should be spelt with an "X") - Xanadu
ZARDOZ: If you're going to remember one thing about this 1970s movie, it's Sean Connery wearing a red mankini - or is it simply a nappy with shoulder straps? Either way it certainly wasn't James Bond's most flattering look. But what's of greater signifiance is that someone actually has this as a number plate - Zardoz
ZARE: Zare Leonis, a young kid who is part of the Imperial Empire but is secretly wanting to help the Rebels as he looks for his lost sister - Star Wars: Rebels
ZHADUM: The Shadows home planet - Babylon 5
ZUTTON: Snaggletooth's actual name. When the Stormtroopers suss out Han and Chewbacca sitting in the cantina booth, Zutton is the alien sitting at a table on the left of screen looking a little perplexed as to what's going on ... and yes believe it or not this number plate was created in honour of him - Star Wars


If you happen to see or photograph any sci-fi inspired customised car rego plates in your travels (whether the reference be intentional or not), be sure to let the Dags know ASAP at - use the subject line "SF Rego Plate" - so he can include it in the listing. Let's make this list as comprehensible as possible!

Non sci-fi plates that still grabbed my attention

I thought these were pretty unique and worthy of a separate list. In no particular order.


ONAMEX: As seen on a sports car which I thought was pretty clever
INDEBT: Something most people are in when they buy a new car
SNOT: Can you please explain to me why ANYONE would want this?
NUKE: When in doubt, wipe it out!
STOLEN: If the car ever got nicked, finding it you'd think would be pretty easy.
MRBEAN: Actually seen on a green Mini Minor
KERMIT: Our favourite little green frog
KERMEE: What happens when KERMIT is taken? Go for the next best thing as this is what Miss Piggy always called him
DREVIL: Dr. Evil from Austin Powers trilogy, in fact when I first saw this plate I thought it was pronounced as one word, Drevil, until I realised what it REALLY said
THEBOG: Kinda makes you wonder what the insipration for this was
ZORRO 1: Who was that masked man???
ZZTOP: A rock group
ABCDEF: I wonder if the rest of the alphabet is featured on another plate somewhere
KAPUT: When your car breaks down, it'll be easy to tell roadside assist what's happened to it
VIRUS: Would you ever get sick of this plate? :)
TOILET: Like SNOT above, why would anyone want this?
STUKA: A famous German WW2 aircraft
MRHYDE: Dr Jeckyl's alter ego
OOMPA: Those famous little dudes with the dodgy singing voices from Willy Wonka's chocky factory, which makes you wonder if someone has the plate LOOMPA
DOOF: Considering you need two plates for one car, you really will have some "doof doof"
OLDGIT: This would make a great gift for anyone who's older than you are
UNHOLY: Wouldn't you love to park this car outside a church
SCUM: Makes you wonder if this refers to the driver or the road users the driver sees
MRBRNS: Mr Burns from The Simpsons, it was even seen on a Rolls Royce! Can't you just see it now "ahhhh Smithers"..:)
WOTAMI: Seen on a car so heavily modified that its make and model could not be identified
PRISON: If the interior door handles don't work, then this plate would be ideal
AAARGH: if the other plate was GRRR then you'd have Joss Whedon's now famous Mutant Enemy logo - Buffy/Angel/Firefly
BLAH: An easy plate to choose when you're not in the mood to pick a plate name
CINEMA: For movie lovers
PHLEGM: Like SNOT and TOILET above, why would anyone want this? It was even on a green plate!
R.I.P: Seen on a black hearse - and yes those are wedding ribbons on it Platepic
WWAR 3: Think this dude knows something we don't
WW2VET: World War 2 Veteran, I'm not sure if the guy himself picked this or whether it was given to him, but I thought it was quite poignant. With this in mind you'd have to assume someone out there has NAMVET or similar
MAX 86: A nice homage to our favourite CONTROL Agent
SUZIEQ: Suzie Quatro, singer
FEB 14: Valentine's Day - how cute
SLOPPY: This might've been a gift from some parents to their teenage son
HENRY 8: Imagine the history lesson ... "there was this dude, see, who was a king. Well he got married lotsa times but instead of just giving the old wives the toss when he got sick of 'em, he lopped their heads off instead ... which meant a reconcilement was kinda outta the question. But hey, at least history remembers him for it."
BATGRL: Doesn't it just bring back pleasant memories of Yvonne Craig
BPEARL: Pirate Ship "Black Pearl" - Pirates of the Carribean
FBIVAN: This was seen on a shiny black van similar to those seen in US cop shows, so clearly whoever owned this is a big fan US law enforcement. It makes you wonder when it stops do all these dudes wearing FBI flak jackets suddenly pour out
I'M BATMAN: I just hope he has this on an appropriate looking car rather than something dorky like a Daewoo
TOP GEAR: You'd have to think is a very obvious one to get ... being on a car and all


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