Darren Maxwell - What others have said...

"I think the real key is patience. I played a role in a film directed by Darren, and though it was only a small role he really took the time to sit down with me and the two other guys in the scenes – explain where it fit into the film, address any script questions, how it should be played, whether there’s any post production FX we need to react to. He was aware of the fact we were giving up our free time to act in this film."

"…I learned a lot from just observing how Darren worked."

Scott Middlebrook: Writer, Sound Designer


"If I ever need a Director, the first and only choice for me is Darren. He keeps his actors informed about what is happening, he is really concerned about the well being of people in (masked) costumes and he gets the job done with great results."

"The man is a true master of the art and a great craftsman."

Chris Brennan: Actor/Writer/Producer - Nilm Films


"Darren Maxwell is a thorough, professional and a very easy Director to get on with. His favourite saying is that 'there is no substitute for quality'".

"Working with Darren now on several projects as his DOP has been a joy. The rapport is uncanny at times because we think like each other. I am about to suggest a shot, and Darren is about to suggest the same thing. It is the best Director / DOP relationship I have ever had."

"Darren is one of the best Directors I have ever worked with, his organisational skills and attention to detail are amazing."

Shane Mengaziol: Director of Photography


"Darren, I wanted to say how impressed I was with you as a Director. Not only were you always striving for interesting camera angles/moves, but you always had time to talk to your cast and provide insightful input into the performances. Much appreciated!"

George Ivanoff: Actor


"Working with Darren has been very pleasant, he liked my additional touches, I only contested his ideas very rarely and that's got to be a good thing."

Paul Potiki: CGI and Visual Effects Artist


"I am having a truly great time working with you on these projects, so thank you for a wonderful experience."

Rich Johnson: Music Composer


"You make it easy to do good work."

Sarah Breen: Actress


"I can see that you are a perfectionist. Great working with you, I hope to do it again sometime."

Aurora MacKrill: Actress, Voice Over Artist


"Just wanted to thank you. This film has been brilliantly executed from beginning to end, with your regular updates and prompt responses to my queries. topped off by a brilliantly run set that actually allowed me to wrap 10 minutes early - which is bloody unheard of!

"It was a pleasure working with you."

Damon Hunter: Actor


"I was very impressed with the way you conducted yourself as a Director on Friday night - you arrived extremely prepared, had a clear and concise vision for the scene and communicated well with cast and crew. So much so, that I'd love to offer my services and shoot one of your films one day."

Brett Anstey: Director of Photography


"It was a real pleasure and a real learning experience for me, even after 20 years in Actors Equity and dozens of stage plays and short films, to work with a visionary Director like Darren Maxwell, and rise to the challenge of his ingenious approach to film making. It was a rare opportunity for any actor."

Adrian Sherlock: Actor


Re: TVC created for Kiss Photos studio... "The guys loved it and so did I! You've done a fabulous job and the guys are sooo pleased. Thank you so much Darren - I'll definitely be able to recommend you for any further work."

Danni Crees: Producer "Single Rules" Foxtel



"I have watched the video over and over again.I think it's bloody fantasticSandra thinks the video is awesome and you have captured everything perfectly.You have highlighted her hands and brought out the best in her.She is delighted and very,very excited. 

From all of us, that's Sandra, Kevin and Myself. A big Thank You to you and to everyone involved in the production.It was a delight to work with you all. Thank you for your time, patience and professionalism in the making of the video. We cant thank you all, enough. Sandra passes on  "Thank-You's" to ALL of You.Thank You for taking the time and having the patience to understand her and to explain and communicate with her.She said and I quote "The Best Team Ever to Work With...it was a delight.""

Damian Sleep: Producer "Like the Sun" song



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