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Life, the Universe and Star Wars
USA ‘93 A concise journal of my trip to the land of Chevy cars, hot apple pies and McDonalds taken in September 1993
To build or not A historical overview at the saga we experienced trying to build our first home
Dag Fiction Some of the stories I've written
Dag Articles Some of the newsletter articles I've written
Drink up Yes it's the "Star Wars drinking game". If you play this with Coka Cola (like I do), you'll be bouncing off the walls in no time
Learn from SW Life is hard to fathom at the best of times, so maybe this will help you: "Everything I learned in life, I learnt from Star Wars"
Pants in SW What happens when you take some of your favourite lines from the Star Wars films and substitute a single word with "pants".
Video Clips One of Dags' favourite pastimes was creating his own video clips. This where you get footage of films (Star Wars mainly), chop 'em up and add in some music over the top. You can learn all about them here.
SW Wall Mural Back in High School I painted a Star Wars mural on one of the school walls as part of Art Class. Well believe it or not, after 20 years it's still there. Learn all about it here
Comm Station For many years I was a regular columnist for Frontier, The Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Magazine. Here you can read all of my articles that I called Comm Station
Number plates Are you a science fiction fan? If so, have you ever noticed what sci-fi inspired number plates people have on their cars? Be sure to check out this growing list
Various amusing tidbits
Confusious say Some of the things Confusious may have said that were never officially recorded
Employees A list of amusing comments made by managers about their less-than-successful employees
Questions to ponder Sometimes those "thoughts of the day" just make your brain hurt. Here you'll find a few that are guaranteed to melt your mind.
Computers Doesn't it bug you how computers are portrayed in the movies? See for yourself where things go askew
IT Support If you've ever done IT support, you'll find a lot of these situations relate to you. It's kinda funny, and yet not, at the same time
The Wacky Office Bizzare things you can do to keep the office environment on its toes (It'll either get you fired, or you'll suddenly gain some extra sick/stress leave)
Movies If you ever want a quick education about life, have a look at what you can learn just from watching movies
Good Ol' Days An interesting comparison about what life was like for people of my generation vs the youngies of today. It's a couple of years old, but the references are still relevant.
Help Desk An amusing recollection of some calls that people on a computer Help Desk have had to deal with (are there any here that you've been guilty of???)
Funny Comments A list of classic jokes and comments that play on the English language's ability to have multiple meanings. Guaranteed to brighten anyone's day


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